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The 9th Biennial Scientific Meeting of the Asia Pacific Paediatric Endocrine Society(APPES),The 50th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Pediatric Endocrinology(JSPE)


Plenary Session 1

18 November 8:00-8:45
Room 1 Hall C

Moderator : Tsutomu Ogata

"Fat fate and disease - from science to global policy"

Speaker : Peter Gluckman (New Zealand)

Plenary Session 2

19 November 8:00-8:45
Room 1 Hall C

Moderator : Pik To Cheung

"Bone Fragility in Children - Genes and Treatments"

Speaker : Frank Rauch (Canada)

Plenary Session 3

19 November 16:00-16:45
Room 1 Hall C

Moderator : Paul Hofman

"MUSE cells and its clinical potentials"

Speaker : Mari Dezawa (Japan)

Plenary Session 4

20 November 9:00-9:45
Room 1 Hall C

Moderator : Reiko Horikawa

"RASopathy - from molecular mechanism to clinical practice"

Speaker : Yoichi Matsubara (Japan)

Symposium 1 Growth: New era of growth disorders

18 November 8:45-10:15
Room 1 Hall C

Moderator : Tohru Yorifuji
Suttipong Wacharasindhu

"How to approach growth disorders: genetics for better clinical care"

Speaker : Andrew Dauber (USA)

"IGF2 mutation in Silver-Russell syndrome"

Speaker : Thomas Eggermann (Germany)

"Treatment Strategies for Short Stature in Achondroplasia"

Speaker : Hiroshi Kitoh (Japan)

Symposium 2 Puberty: Mechanisms and disorders of puberty

18 November 13:15-14:45
Room 1 Hall C

Moderator : Osamu Arisaka
Muhammad Yazid Jalaludin

"Neuroendocrine mechanism regulating puberty onset"

Speaker : Hiroko Tsukamura (Japan)

"Central precocious puberty caused by mutations in the imprinted gene MKRN3"

Speaker : Ana Paula Abreu (Brazil) SLEP-APPES exchange lecture

"Mechanisms of pubertal growth spurt and growth plate closure"

Speaker : Kye Shik Shim (Korea) KSPE-JSPE exchange lecture

Symposium 3 Thyroid: Management of thyroid disorders

18 November 13:15-14:45
Room 2 Hall B7(1)

Moderator : Masanori Minagawa
Susana Campos

"Iodine deficient goiter"

Speaker : Somchit Jaruratanasirikul (Thai)

"Long term outcome of subclinical congenital hypothyroidism"

Speaker : Sarah Mathai (India)

"Management of autoimmune thyroiditis"

Speaker : Andrew Bauer (USA)

Symposium 4 New Strategy

18 November 16:35-18:05
Room 2 Hall B7(1)

Moderator : Satoshi Narumi
Peter Simm

"Next generation sequencing and array CGH"

Speaker : Maki Fukami (Japan)

"Generating Functional Miniature Organs (Organoids) in a Dish."

Speaker : Hidenori Akutsu (Japan)

"Clinical steroid mass spectrometry and metabolomics"

Speaker : Cedric HL Shackleton (UK)

Symposium 5 Obesity: Increasing risk of morbidity in children and adolescents

18 November 16:35-18:05
Room 3 Hall B7(2)

Moderator : Shigetaka Sugihara
Kee-Hyoung Lee

"The role of MC4R in pediatric obesity: above and beyond the central nervous system"

Speaker : Feihong Luo (China)

"Management of hypothalamic obesity"

Speaker : Mitchell Eugene Geffner (USA)

"Determinants, consequences and prevention of childhood overweight and obesity"

Speaker : Muhammad Yazid Jalaludin (Malaysia)

Symposium 6
APPES/ISPAD joint session
Which is most dangerous for future cognition in young children with diabetes: hypo- or hyperglycemia?

19 November 8:45-10:15
Room 1 Hall C

Moderator : Tatsuhiko Urakami
Ragnar Hanas

"Diabetes dysglycaemia, cognition and the developing brain"

Speaker : Fergus Cameron (Australia)

"Improving metabolic control without increasing severe hypoglycemia"

Speaker : Karin Åkesson (Sweden)

"Closed-loop system to avoid extreme hypo- and hyperglycemia"

Speaker : Martin de Bock (Australia)

Supported by unrestricted grant from Medtronic

Symposium 7 DSD: Variations in Sex Development and in Gender Identity

19 November 8:50-10:15
Room 2 Hall B7(1)

Moderator : Shinobu Ida
Dung Vu Chi

"Initial approach to DSD"

Speaker : Kah Yin Loke (Singapore)

"Long-term outcome of early surgical intervention for hypospadias; What happens at Puberty?"

Speaker : Kimihiko Moriya (Japan)

"Gender dysphoria"

Speaker : Stephen Rosenthal (USA)

Symposium 8 Workshop on Developing countries

19 November 16:45-18:15
Room 1 Hall C

Moderator : Reiko Horikawa
Paul Hofman

"A report on the first year of the APPES-CLAN Equity Working Group. Where to from here? What can you do to help?"

Speaker : Kate Armstrong (Australia)

"Pediatric Endocrine Challenges in Resource Constrained Environment"

Speaker : Syed Jamal Raza (Pakistan)

"Building Newborn Screening Systems"

Speaker : Dianne Webster (New Zealand)

Symposium 9 Hot topics

20 November 11:00-12:30
Room 1 Hall C

Moderator : Tomonobu Hasegawa
Yung Seng Lee

"epigenetic mechanisms in developmental origins"

Speaker : Richard Saffery (Australia)

"Altered transport of insulin across the blood-brain barrier in insulin-resistant humans"

Speaker : Hans-Ulrich Haring (Germany)

"MIRAGE Syndrome : A New Adrenal hypoplasia Syndrome Caused by Heterozygous SAMD9 Mutations"

Speaker : Naoko Amano (Japan)

Meet The Expert 1 Bone

18 November 15:35-16:25
Room 2 Hall B7(1)

Moderator : Sachiko Kitanaka (Japan)

"Pediatric Osteoporosis"

Speaker : Craig Munns (Australia)

Meet The Expert 2 Endocrine Imaging

18 November 15:35-16:25
Room 3 Hall B7(2)

Moderator : Noriyuki Namba (Japan)

"The state-of-the-art applications of PET in endocrinology"

Speaker : Tohru Yorifuji (Japan)

Meet The Expert 3 Growth & Genetics

18 November 15:35-16:25
Room 4 G510

Moderator : Madarina Julia (Philippines)

"Genetic Approaches to make a Diagnosis in Short Stature"

Speaker : Peter Clayton (UK)

Meet The Expert 4 Growth

18 November 15:35-16:25
Room 5 G502

Moderator : Ozono Keiichi (Japan)

"New data on long-term safety of GH treatment in SGA"

Speaker : Anita Hokken-Koelega (Netherland)

Meet The Expert 5 Water and electrolytes

19 November 14:20-15:10
Room 2 Hall B7(1)

Moderator : Margaret Zacharin (Australia)

"Management of water and electrolytes imbalance"

Speaker : Joseph Majzoub (USA)

Meet The Expert 6 Adrenals

19 November 14:20-15:10
Room 3 Hall B7(2)

Moderator : Sylvia Estrada (Philippines)

"Diagnosis and Management of CAH"

Speaker : Toshihiro Tajima (Japan)

Meet The Expert 7 Thyroid

19 November 14:20-15:10
Room 4 G502

Moderator : Kazumichi Onigata (Japan)

"Medical and Surgical Management of Pediatric Thyroid Nodules and Cancer"

Speaker : Andrew Bauer (USA)
Ken Kazahaya (USA)

Oral Session 1

18 November 10:45-11:45
Room 1 Hall C

Moderator : Satomi Koyama
Bambang Trijaya

Oral Session 2

18 November 10:45-11:45
Room 2 Hall B7(1)

Moderator : Tomohiro Ishii
Heon-Seok Han

Oral Session 3

18 November 10:45-11:45

Moderator : Koji Muroya
Louis Low

Oral Session 4

19 November 10:45-11:45
Room 1 Hall C

Moderator : Junko Ito
Melinda Atienza

Oral Session 5

19 November 10:45-11:45
Room 2 Hall B7(1)

Moderator : Kanshi Minamitani
Nalini S. Shah

Oral Session 6

19 November 10:45-11:45
Room 3 Hall B7(2)

Moderator : Kenichi Kashimada
Sudha Rao

Oral Session 7

19 November 13:10-14:10
Room 1 Hall C

Moderator : Yoshiya Ito
Aman Plungan

Oral Session 8

19 November 13:10-14:10
Room 2 Hall B7(1)

Moderator : Ikuma Fujiwara
Wu Loo Ling

Oral Session 9

19 November 13:10-14:10
Room 3 Hall B7(2)

Moderator : Maki Fukami
Wayne Cutfield

Kaichi Kida Oral Session

20 November 9:45-10:45
Room 1 Hall C

Moderator : Muhammad Yazid Jalaludin
Suttipong Wacharasindhu

Luncheon Seminar

18 November 12:00-13:00

LS9 "New Genetic Causes of Short Stature: A Primer for Endocrinologists"

Speaker : Andrew Dauber (USA)

Sponsored by Sandoz

18 November 12:00-13:00

LS10 "Current Status of the long-term Safety of GH Treatment"

Speaker : Peter Clayton (UK)

Sponsored by Novo Nordisk Pharma

18 November 12:00-13:00

LS11 "How GH treatment changes the phenotype of children with Prader Willi Syndrome"

Speaker : Anita Hokken-Koelega (the Netherlands)

Sponsored by Versartis

18 November 12:00-13:00


Speaker : Xiaoping Luo (China)

Sponsored by GenSci

19 November 11:55-12:55

LS13 "Moving Towards an International Consensus on the Future of GH therapy"

Speaker : Pinchas Cohen (USA)

Sponsored by OPKO Biologics Ltd.

19 November 11:55-12:55

LS14 "When one gene does it all: monogenic forms of autoimmune diabetes"

Speaker : Elisa De Franco (UK)

Sponsored by Sanofi

19 November 11:55-12:55

LS15 "African Efe Pygmies: From Anthropology to Endocrinology"

Speaker : Mitchell Eugene Geffner (USA)

Sponsored by Pfizer

19 November 11:55-12:55

LS16 "Skeletal, Growth, and Functional Improvements in Children with Hypophosphatasia Treated with Asfotase Alfa for 5 years"

Speaker : Jill H Simmons (USA)

Sponsored by Alexion Pharma

Evening Session 1 : APPES Bone and Mineral Working Group Meeting
"Total management of Rickets: causes, prevention and treatment"

18 November 18:15-19:15
Room 2 Hall B7(1)

Moderator : Craig Munns (Australia)
Keiichi Ozono (Japan)

"Global Consensus Recommendations on Prevention and Management of Nutritional Rickets."

Speaker : Lorna Ramos-Abad (Philippines)
Navoda Atapattu (Sri Lanka)

"Hypophosphatemic Rickets: Current Status and Future Perspectives."

Speaker : Toshimi Michigami (Japan)

Sponsored by Kyowa Hakko Kirin

Evening Session 2

18 November 18:15-19:00
Room 3 Hall B7(2)

Moderator : Yukihiro Hasegawa
Feihong Luo


Speaker : Joseph Majzoub (USA)

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